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Usdr 5W 8 band SDR HF transceiver am LSB USB CW USDX

USDR 5W 8 Band SDR
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5W 8-Band SDR Radio Receiver SDR Transceiver FM AM LSB USB CW With Display Screen For USDR USDX

Open Source Software For USDX:
Some hardware open source sites:

This is a shortwave QRP SSB/CW transceiver. It boasts 1602 screen, equipped with charger, built-in speaker! It can be connected to an automatic key, and can be decoded by cw.

- Using BS170 series transmit tube, durable
- Can be used by connecting the antenna (BNC socket)
- 8 bands. Power standing wave digital display! External 13.8v maximum power 10w!
- Dimensions: 76 x 37 x100mm/3 x 1.5 x 3.9"
- Use TCXO for KDS. Accuracy 0.5PPM (1PPM per year)
- Aluminum shell

Function List:
- Simple, interesting and versatile QRP SSB transceiver with embedded DSP and SDR functions
- EER E-level driven SSB launch stage
- 13.8V power supply provides about 5W PEP SSB output
- Full mode support: USB, LSB, CW, AM, FM
- DSP filter: 4000, 2500, 1700, 500, 200, 100 and 50Hz passband
- DSP function: automatic gain control (AGC), noise reduction (NR), voice trigger, voice trigger Xmit (VOX), RX attenuator (ATT), TX noise gate, TX driver control, volume control, dBm/S-meter
- SSB reverse sideband/carrier suppression transmission: better than -45dBc, IMD3 (two tones) -33dBc, reception: better than -50dBc
- Multi-band support, continuously adjustable in the 160m-10m frequency band (and performance loss from 20kHz..99MHz)
- Simple installation modification with 8 component changes and 8 wires
- Lightweight, low-cost transceiver: Thanks to EER transmitter E-level, it has high power efficiency (no bulky heat sink required), and simple design (no need for complex balanced linear power amplifiers)
- SSB transmitter stage based entirely on digital and software: By controlling the phase of the SI5351 PLL (via the tiny frequency change of I2C over 800kbit/s) and the amplitude of the PA (via the PWM of PWM) to sample the microphone input and reconstruct the SSB signal. PA key shaping circuit)
- Fully digital and software-based SDR receiver stage (optional): sample the I/Q (complex) signal from the quadrature sampling detector digital mixer, and perform a 90-degree phase shift in the software (Hilber transform) and eliminate one by adding sidebands
- Three independent switchable analog front-end receiver attenuators (0dB, -13dB, -20dB, -33dB, -53dB, -60dB, -73dB)
- Receiver noise level MDS: -135 dBm (200Hz BW) at 28MHz
- Receiver front-end selectivity: steep tuning frequency -45dB / ten times roll-off +/- 2kHz
- Blocking dynamic range: 20kHz offset 123dB, 2kHz offset 78dB
- CAT support (TS480 subset), you can stream audio, press keys, and display text through CAT
- This is probably the most cost-effective and easy to build standalone SDR/SSB transceiver. Great simplification Simplifies the original QCX circuit (that is, reduces the installation components by 50%, reduces the installation components by 50%, does not require complex transformer windings, and does not require alignment procedures), and is more versatile

Port Introduction:
- DC 5.5-2.1 ,max 15v,13.8V/3A: External power supply port
- KEY: automatic key body connection (A, B, single key)
- PA: External power amplifier, PTT signal
- MIC: External microphone port
- SPK: External speaker

Package Included:
- 1 x Transceiver
- 1 x Handheld MIC